Responsive Discovery

Electronic Discovery is a very intricate, time consuming and costly aspect of the legal process. The outsourcing of data to a vendor represents a huge cost to a firm and its clients. And what better way to reduce those costs than to process data in house? Typically, data is outsourced because the labor and technical aspects of an electronic production are handled by experts who have invested in the software, hardware, and people necessary to generate accurate productions. The process of hiring the right people with the technical knowledge to get software to work to its true potential is cost prohibitive for most firms. The solution to this dilemma: have Responsive Data Solutions remotely manage in house data processing. With years of experience, Responsive Data Solutions has developed best practices in order to quickly and accurately process data. Responsive has the labor force to handle any size processing job, anytime – right in your own environment.


• Create revenue stream for the firm
• Extended off hours – nights and weekend support
• Fixed, preferred pricing
• Leverage our proven industry experience and workflow
• Establish and enforce standard processing
• Save time and cost from not having to send data to outside vendors
• Free in-house resources to focus on the firm’s attorneys and clients
• Security – data never leaves your network
• Audit – no longer blindly trust in a vendor’s have the ability to check and confirm all processing while it is being done
• Detailed reporting provided at each stage