Responsive Data Solutions is a provider of Litigation Support Services to law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes in the DC Metro area, with a primary focus on Electronic Discovery and Document Imaging. Since the implementation of the new Federal Rules of Civic Procedure for Electronically Stored Information, the need for a reliable solution to complex electronic discovery is an even greater focus for the legal industry. Responsive Data Solutions is at the forefront of this movement, striving to provide the most cost effective process available, while maintaining the integrity of all data.

24/7 Service

Responsive Data Solutions’ dedicated staff is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electronic Discovery Services

As our industry becomes ever more digital, Responsive Data Solutions is well equipped to handle your electronic discovery needs. We are experts in the identification and conversion of electronic media. Electronic evidence can be overwhelming and our team can assist in the collection, culling and processing for native review or tif. We use the most advanced technology available to format your data for native review and convert many forms of electronic files, email stores, or existing databases to be used in almost all litigation support software. Our flexibility allows us to handle any project, large or small.

Project Consulting

Our local technology experts are always available to answer any questions or concerns about how a project should be produced. Our experienced technical staff is local and available to meet with you on-site. Our technical expertise allows us to tailor solutions for you, while still maintaining the integrity of your data. Our staff specializes in the legal industry in order to assist you in finding the most cost effective solution to your problem. A Case Consultant will be assigned to your project and will manage and update you throughout the project life cycle. Responsive Data Solutions’s Case Consultants focus on constant communication, detailed instructions, strict quality control, and world class customer service.


Responsive Data Solutions is well equipped to handle all of your coding needs from basic bibliographic (date, author, addressee, etc.) to substantive and logical unitization (document summaries, names in text, etc.)

Printing/ Blowbacks

Even as our industry moves to an electronic environment, it seems as though the need for paper will never go away. Sometimes your electronic documents need to be produced in paper form. Our high speed printers are all networked for high volume blowbacks of your electronic files. Responsive Data Solutions has the ability to print your entire production or subsets, depending on your production needs. There are a variety of print options including rebates numbered subsets of images, slipsheeting, and native print. More and more often in the discovery process, evidence comes in the form of electronic documents and email stores. Responsive Data Solutions gives you the option to extract relevant documents from the data to be printed for further review.


Stands for "Optical Character Recognition". After an image is created from paper an OCR program can convert the characters on the page into a text document. This allows the document to be fully searchable. Responsive Data Solutions utilizes multiple OCR engines to give you the most accurate and reliable search results.

Litigation copying/Imaging

Responsive Data Solutions imaging capabilities transforms paper documents into accurate, high quality digital images to place on CD, DVD, or load into any database. There are numerous advantages to imaging documents. It allows for accurate and fast document numbering. With OCR, it allows paper documents to become searchable images. And documents can be loaded into your database for faster review. Whether you are making paper copies or imaging you documents, the key is accuracy. Responsive Data Solutions has strict quality control standards. Each project gets a page for page check to make ensure all your instructions were followed.

Other Services:

  • Bates labeling
  • Oversize/ Large Format Copying, Imaging and Printing
  • Digital Color Copying and Printing
  • Trial Preparation
  • Custom tabs
  • Binding (GBC, Velo, Tape, Acco)
  • Free pickup and delivery

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